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Scheduled Events

Rocket 190 event 25-27 May 

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Back in 2015 the Rainhill Parish Council and the Rainhill
Railway and Heritage Society (RRHS) looked at
how best to mark the 190th Anniversary of the
1829 Rainhill Locomotive Trials in 2019
Rainhill Parish Council saw the need to cement
Rainhill’s unique position in World Transport
History and to provide opportunities for the many
Voluntary Organisations in Rainhill to promote
their operations and to lay significant
groundwork for major celebrations in 2029 for
“Rocket 200”.

Over the weekend it is important to bear in mind that
Rainhill Village is a conservation area with very limited
parking. By all means bring along friends and relatives from
outside Rainhill, but please ask them to use public
transport, not their cars.

We are so grateful to everyone who has devoted time to this
project and it promises to be a wonderful week-end of

Brian J Heydon
Chair Rocket 190 Steering Group
Parish Council Vice Chairman