What has one of the world’s leaders in industrial automation got in common with a new planting project in Halton?

Green fingered volunteers from Yokogawa UK have come up smelling of roses,  donating their spare time to work with park workers to plant more than a hundred of the popular flowers.

Rose beds were planted on the old bowling greens in Victoria park by green-fingered employees of a company in Runcorn, carrying out  teambuilding and meeting sustainability/social responsibility goals.

Six beds were created over the two bowling greens and a total of 107 roses where planted.

They say a rose is a rose by any other name. But these varieties are; Rosa ‘White Diamond’, Rosa ‘Lilli Marlene’, Rosa ‘White Gold’, Rosa ‘Rhapsody in Blue’, Rosa ‘Silver Shadow’, Rosa ‘Macmillan Nurse’.

Halton Borough Council Executive Board Member for Parks and Countryside, Cllr Stef Nelson, said: “Plants filter pollutants, absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen and help fight soil erosion.

“Planting will also help reduce your carbon footprint.”

They were created by Halton Borough Council and planted by Yokogawa UK Ltd.

If you are interested in volunteering within Halton’s award winning open spaces please contact the Council on 0303 333 4300