Scheduled News

Andy Abraham is known across the country as the runner up of ITV’s 2005 series of The X Factor and represented the UK at Eurovision.

He captured the hearts of the country then and will do so once again, as he has masterminded a special new show called The Nat King Cole Songbook, which comes to the Brindley Theatre Runcorn on Wednesday 19 June.

The Platinum and Gold recording artist will be bringing the stunning songs of American jazz icon, Nat King Cole, to theatres up and down the country in what is set to be a spectacular showcase of one man’s musical legacy.

Throughout his career, Nat King Cole recorded more than 100 songs, and so Andy has had the unenviable task of selecting just a handful of tracks for the show.

While Andy certainly hasn’t ignored the challenge that comes with stepping into the shoes of a man like Nat, he has already successfully covered hits from some of the most legendary music icons, so is the perfect vocalist for the feat.

And, with his versatile voice and undying passion for Nat’s music, there is no doubt that he will do the man, and his music, great justice.

The show itself will be a mix of some of Nat’s most-loved songs, and, always a stickler for keeping his shows interactive Andy will also include intervals of thought provoking commentary throughout.

Embarking on this national tour was no spontaneous idea, Andy has always held a special place for Nat’s music in his heart having grown up surrounded by his music, and when The Nat King Cole Songbook is the culmination of months of hard work and planning.

Andy said:“This show really targets people who share my enjoyment of Nat’s music. His longevity in the industry is something I really admire, and I think the fact that his music is still widely regarded as some of the best the industry, demonstrates the sheer impact he had on the world.”

Tickets for this special music event are £24.50 from and the Brindley box office on 0151 907 8360.