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Hot on the heels of Mental Health Awareness Week, Halton Borough Council is offering free yoga sessions, after positive feedback after a recent taster session.

Classes for girls aged 13 to 16-years-old take place on Thursdays from 4pm to 5pm, for six weeks starting Thursday 8 June to Thursday 13 July at The Hub, Grangeway, Runcorn.

Young Addaction identified with young people the benefits of yoga on mental health and well being.

Jenny Illidge, of Halton Borough Council’s Sport Development, said: “This is a chance to try something new and relax after school. It is a chance to try something new and relax after school.

“Young people need the opportunity to get involved with activities that benefit them physically and mentally. We are encouraging girls to attend as we recently ran a group and provided yoga sessions which was well received by the girls, who told us they wanted more sessions.”

*ย Whenever we put on sessions that are active the majority attendees are boys.ย Officers ย wanted to put something on that would give girls confidence to try something new and benefit them both physically and mentally.

For more information contact: Jenny Illidge

The project is a partnership between Young Addaction and Halton Borough Council.