Now we are in February already, the days are still long and dark and you may be feeling a bit low. But the good news is Halton Borough Council has some courses you can join to lift your mood.

Halton Borough Council’s Adult Learning Service has a range of new courses which are about to begin.  Tutors and students say that taking up a new subject can improve confidence and  help you meet new people as well as learning new skills.

Jana Pekarova, aged 48 (centre) pictured with Sara Gillies and Kelly Cartwright, two adult learning tutors, went on the Learn to Live Well course. Jana says she would recommend the course to anyone – not only this one but any Adult Learning course.

The Runcorn resident said: “I enjoyed meeting new people and learning new things. Even if I was feeling down, the course and the people on it would lift me up! I felt happy, relaxed and balanced in the group – I know others felt like that too. Sara is literally a miracle worker!”

Jana has now taken several more courses with Halton Borough Council.

Halton Borough Council’s Executive Board Member for Economic Development, Cllr Eddie Jones, said: “You can meet friendly supportive tutors in Halton Adult Learning Service . Please consider joining one of the new courses starting February 2018. It could certainly enrich your life.”

Classes include:

Learn to Live Well – improve your wellbeing and explore and develop your creative side
Confidence Building and Self Esteem – learn to value yourself and communicate with confidence

The dates for the next LEARN to Live Well courses are:
• Wednesday 21 February – 9.30am – 12.00noon at Acorn Learning Centre
• Wednesday 21 February – 12.30pm –3pm at Kingsway Learning Centre

The Date for the next Confidence Building course is:

Tuesday 20 February 1om – 3om at Kingsway Learning Centre
If anyone is interested in enrolling please get in touch:

• Phone: 0151 511 7788
• Email:
• Facebook:

Funding is from the Skills Funding Agency. It comes to Halton Borough Council to provide courses for adults so people can learn the skills and gain the confidence to progress to other learning or to work.