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Halton Borough Council is joining a RoSPA campaign called Take Action Today, Put Them Away. It is aimed at families with children under five-years to raise awareness of accidental poisoning prevention in the home.

The campaign will run until June 2020.

Each family in Halton with children under five years, approximately 5,500 families, will be offered a magnetic message pad to place on the fridge or similar. Included on each page of the pad are reminders about keeping children safe from poisoning.

These messages will be reinforced at opportunities including Children’s Centre groups and activities, parent’s groups, family health clinics, first aid courses, via schools and Early Years settings and at Child Safety Week events in June.

Eileen Stein, Halton Borough Council Children’s Centre Principal Manager, said: “Areas of the UK that have already implemented this scheme, including Liverpool, have experienced reductions in A&E attendances amongst the Under 5’s related to accidental poisoning and we are hopeful that we can do the same in Halton.”