Fire at Golden Triangle Industrial Estate, Widnes

Halton Borough Council is working with health protection experts at Public Health England following a fire at Golden Triangle Industrial Estate on Harrison Street in Widnes.

The Council has been working very closely with Fire specialists to assess what clean-up operation may be needed to ensure that any asbestos containing materials which may have been released during the fire are removed safely.

Where debris and possible asbestos containing materials are present, Halton Borough Council are making arrangements for a specialist contractor to remove this from the area, including in private gardens as necessary. Risks to health for the public and local residents are low.

Sarah Johnson Griffiths, Public Health Consultant for Halton Corough Council said “It is important to reassure people that the risks to health are low and there is unlikely to be any significant exposure to asbestos following fires involving materials containing asbestos”

Halton Borough Council’s Executive Board Member for Community Safety, Councillor Dave Cargill said, ‘I would like to states our thanks to the emergency services for their swift action and to Halton Borough Council staff for their response to the incident and staffing the emergency rest centre to ensure that local residents remain safe during a worrying time. It is a credit to all local services and residents that everyone remains safe and well during the incident”

There is no direct evidence of long-term health risks from fires involving asbestos containing materials but it is sensible that any asbestos containing debris is removed to minimise any potential exposure.”

In the unlikely event that any residents find any remaining asbestos containing materials at their property, they are advised not to touch the materials and call the council’s contact centre on 0303 333 4300.

If you experience any symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, watery eyes or cough as a result of the fire please contact your GP or NHS 111.