Scheduled Brindley Events News

Curtis Eller, the veteran, banjo player and songwriter famed for his dynamic, often unhinged, performances brings his brutish rock & roll ensemble to Halton Borough Council’s Brindley Theatre Runcorn on Thursday 7 September.

His band Curtis Eller’s American Circus, consists of musicians from the US and England who bring his historically evocative compositions to vivid life!

Curtis is diligently at work on a new full-length album for 2017 The American Circus has developed a devoted international following and the past two years have found them engaged in a relentless string of one-nighters on the rock & roll club and festival stages in nearly a dozen countries on both sides of the Atlantic.

Eller is a gifted and prolific songwriter whose banjo driven songs describe a dreamlike vision of American history where all points in time have collapsed into one.

Past recordings have seen a ghastly parade of historical luminaries, from Abraham Lincoln and Buster Keaton to Amelia Earhart and Joe Louis, sharing the spotlight with a host of Civil War generals and corrupt 19th century politicians.

This time The American Circus has augmented their indelicate, rock & roll rhythms with a tempestuous cloud of horns and an graceless choir of backsliders in their quest to bring Eller’s historically evocative compositions to vivid, cinematic life.

Dust off your phonograph needle and get ready for the new platter!

For more information see Tickets are Β£14 from and the box office on 0151 907 8360