Halton Borough Council Local Election Results


Candidates NamePartyVotesElected
Beechwood & Heath
Bentley Rhona MargretIndependent108
Clarke Daniel DavidThe Conservative Party Candidate532
Dennett AndreaLabour Party640
Heath DavidGreen Party285
Lea-Wood Susan AngelaLabour Party499
Loftus Christopher Anthony Labour Party594
Moss Thomas PeterThe Conservative Party Candidate446
Ratcliffe Margaret AnnaLiberal Democrats925Yes
Rowe Christopher Liberal Democrats825Yes
Stockton Gareth CharlesLiberal Democrats739Yes
Dorian David JamesThe Conservative Party Candidate317
Howard Suzanne NicolaLiberal Democrats249
Nelson Stefan Michael JohnLabour Party745Yes
Plumpton Walsh Carol PatriciaLabour Party648Yes
Stockton John RobertLabour Party648Yes
Daresbury, Moore & Sandymoor
Bradshaw John ChristopherThe Conservative Party Candidate553Yes
Bradshaw MarjorieThe Conservative Party Candidate496Yes
Davidson Sian Fiona AlexandraThe Conservative Party Candidate465
Dyer AndrewGreen Party485Yes
Horton PjLabour Party322
Hughes Colin WilliamLabour Party319
Secker Karen Veronica Liberal Democrats275
Secker John SegrueLiberal Democrats304
Abbott John BernardLabour Party634Yes
Dalton Anthony James Johnson Liberal Democrats165
Dennett Mark DavidLabour Party567Yes
Harper Duncan James RobertThe Conservative Party Candidate201
Howard Jonathan NeilLiberal Democrats108
Lowe Joan MargaretLabour Party636Yes
Rowan Ruth ElizabethThe Conservative Party Candidate193
Urquhart LeeThe For Britian Movement92
Westman Richard StephenGreen Party189
Halton Castle
Borne LauraLiberal Democrats144
Cargill EllenLabour Party635Yes
Carlin Christopher MartinLabour Party560Yes
Howard Harry NeilLabour Party669Yes
Powell JulieThe Conservative Party Candidate229
Whyte Darrin DavidIndependent234
Halton Lea
Davidson Sandra MargarettThe Conservative Party Candidate211
Loftus Kathleen Bernadette Labour Party654Yes
Lowe Alan ArchieLabour Party590Yes
Thompson DaveLabour Party627Yes
Woods David JohnLiberal Democrats154
Mersey & Weston
Baker Daniel JamesThe Conservative Party Candidate280
Begg VictoriaLabour Party602Yes
Cargill Gary PaulGreen Party255
Leck Rosemary Louise Labour Party515Yes
Plumpton-Walsh Norman LeeLabour Party514Yes
Ratcliffe ErnestLiberal Democrats308
Redhead LindaLiberal Democrats308
Rowe Joanne AllisonLiberal Democrats274
Spencer GranvilleThe Conservative Party203
Norton North
Bramwell IreneLabour Party733Yes
Burnett Adam RobertThe Conservative Party Candidate449
Hodge Miriam LorraineLiberal Democrats416
Inch Diane MarieLiberal Democrats474
Lloyd Jones PeterLabour Party587Yes
Logan Geoffrey MichaelLabour Party578Yes
Miller Tracy ClaireGreen Party297
Norton South & Preston Brook
Barnes Philip LincolnLiberal Democrats133
Cargill David Edward Labour Party611Yes
Davidson PeterThe Conservative Party Candidate268
Lloyd Jones MarthaLabour Party569Yes
Marlow Michael PatrickLiberal Democrats191
Stretch Thomas Labour Party592Yes
Wyna Craig Michael     Independent183


Candidates NamePartyVotesElected
Jones Edward David Labour Party760Yes
Molyneux Cameron Logan JamesThe Conservative Party Candidate212
Philbin Gerald Labour Party630Yes
Teeling AngelaLabour Party593Yes
Bevan Laura JaneLabour Party653Yes
Goodall Louise MargaretLabour Party662Yes
Hodnett Joshua NathanThe Conservative Party Candidate298
McDermott Anthony Maurice Labour Party722Yes
Ball Angela HeatherLabour Party937Yes
Fry Michael Labour Party815Yes
Harper Colleen MaryThe Conservative Party Candidate658
Powell John RobertThe Conservative Party Candidate775
Soley Darren Stephen JamesThe Conservative Party Candidate591
Teebay Andrew PeterLiberal Democrats228
Woolfall William Thomas Labour Party826Yes
Central & West Bank
Coveney Romana AleksandraLiberal Democrats113
Fifield John GrantThe Conservative Party Candidate111
Hill Stanley James Labour Party478Yes
Hutchinson NoelLabour Party429Yes
McLean Joanne LesleyThe Conservative Party Candidate140
Wallace PamelaLabour Party535Yes
Ditton, Hale Village & Halebank
Dourley Edward Labour Party795Yes
Jones Nigel AlaisterThe Conservative Party Candidate354
Wharton Michael Colin Labour Party903Yes
Wright MarieLabour Party745Yes
Dawson Ann ElizabethThe Conservative Party Candidate622
Harper PhilipThe Conservative Party Candidate630
Hicks Caddick SimonReform UK183
Hill Valerie Labour Party763Yes
McInerney AngelaLabour Party916Yes
Teeling AimeeLabour Party798Yes
Halton View
Clarke Tania JoniThe Conservative Party Candidate325
Fraser Jake PeterReform UK176
McInerney Thomas Labour Party688Yes
Polhill Robert Kenneth Labour Party764Yes
Whitley Louise JaneLabour Party629Yes
Gilligan Robert Labour Party856Yes
Griffiths Paul DavidThe Conservative Party Candidate307
Nolan Paul ChristopherLabour Party856Yes
Wall Andrea MarieLabour Party929Yes
Hough Green
Baker Sandra MarieLabour Party670Yes
Codling DavidGreen Party182
Harris Philip John Labour Party541Yes
Nguzo Lyn RuthThe Conservative Party Candidate320
Smith Liam AnthonyReform UK123
Wainwright Kevan PeterLabour Party627Yes

Police and Crime Commissioner Results

More information please visit https://www.choosemypcc.org.uk/area/cheshire


Candidates NameParty1st Preference2nd PreferenceTotalElected
Conchie Joanne Mary Liberal Democrat32,348 (14.47%)
Dwyer John VincentThe Conservative Party Candidate99,565 (44.55%)12,397111,962Elected
Goulding Nicholas William Sean Reform UK8,258 (3.69%)
Keane David MichaelLabour and Co-operative Party83,329 (37.28%)16,13499,463

Parish Council Results

Candidates NameVotesElected
Halebank Parish
Anderton John293Yes
Caslin Jayne291Yes
Colquitt Terence J 288Yes
Hastie Nicholas Ian 253Yes
Knowles William 255Yes
Maxwell John Joseph256Yes
Reed Kieran35
Stokes Vincent Thomas 257Yes
Travis Pamela Kay 273Yes
Hale Parish
Banks Anna Marguerite413Yes
Brown Jason 191
Healey Peter432Yes