Halton’s bereaved parents will no longer have the burden of having to pay the cost of their child’s burial or cremation.

From Monday (23 November) Halton Borough Council will offer free burial and cremation through the Government funded Children’s Funeral Fund for England, saving the families thousands of pounds and taking away some of the financial stress.

Free burial and cremation will be available for all children under 18 and still births after the 24th week of pregnancy.
Funeral costs will also be free as Funeral Directors are also able to access the fund.

Parents will still have to pay for additional, optional services and elements such as flowers and receptions/wakes.

The residency or nationality of the deceased child, or of the person organising the burial or cremation, will not be relevant in determining eligibility.

Halton Borough Council Executive Board Member for Environmental Services, Cllr Stef Nelson, said: “The loss of a child is an unimaginable trauma for any parent to face.

“I am really pleased that this scheme has been launched and that the Council is now able to offer free burial and cremation for children. It’s one less thing for parents to worry about at the time.”

In the UK, The average cost of a funeral in 2016 was £3,675, according to research by pensions and insurance company Royal London.

The scheme will apply to each of Halton Borough Council’s cemeteries and to its crematorium.