Work has started to give a Widnes park a well-needed £470k facelift.

Halton Council is currently carrying out a programme of improvement works at Crow Wood Park which began with new entrance gates at the Barnes Road and Bongs entrances.

The next phase of works will be the demolition of the old changing room building and the construction of a new Park Pavilion which will include public toilets, ‘park room’ and facilities for the Park Gardener.

Construction of the Pavilion will take approximately six months to complete.

During this time the entrance at Bancroft Road and the construction area shown will be temporarily closed in the interests of public safety.

The Park will still be accessible to visitors through the Barnes Road and Bongs entrances.

Halton Borough Council’s Executive Board Member for the Physical Environment, Cllr Ron Hignett, said: “There will be public toilets and a ‘Park Room’ which visitors will be able to use when visiting the park.

“This is the glazed element shown in the images. The design also includes a reflective wall to the north elevation which has been designed to reflect the planting in the ornamental garden on this side of the building.

“The idea is to create a welcoming hub area within the park where , for example, parents can gather whilst their children play in the play area or adventure play area and there is access to toilets and shelter in order to extend the length of typical visits.

The building will also serve as the base for the Park Gardener and area maintenance teams when working in the park. The building contract was awarded earlier this year to Link Contracting and construction works started on site in mid November. “

Halton Borough Council apologises for any inconvenience this may cause to park users.

If you would like further information
about these works please contact: Open
Space Services Design & Development
Team at Halton Borough Council.
Tel: 0303 333 4300