Do you live in Halton and care for someone with a debilitating mental health condition? Then Halton Mental Health Carers Support Group is here for you.

These problems could include depression, bi-polar, chronic anxiety, psychosis, panic attacks, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder or dementia.

Mental Health Carers Group was formed just over a year ago with the support of Halton Borough Council, Halton Carer Centre and North West Boroughs Trust – and now meets monthly in both Widnes and Runcorn.

The Widnes group meets in the evenings on the second Wednesday of the month at Halton Stadium in a room provided by Widnes Vikings.

The Runcorn group meets in the afternoon of the last Wednesday of every month at Churchill Hall, Cooper Street, Runcorn.

A Halton Borough Council spokeman said: “Mental Health Carers can expect a warm welcome.

“The group offers one to one and one to many carer to carer peer support, providing a safe place to connect in a safe social environment with the ability to share information, experiences and issues with others with lived experience of caring for loved ones with a mental health condition.”

The group has established a social media support group through Facebook, and this group group provides an additional medium to connect with others, share experiences and support each other 24/7.

The Facebook group already has 40 active members from the local area who are supporting residents of Halton diagnosed with the full spectrum of Mental Health conditions.

The FB group can be found via this link

Contact Lucia Urquhart-Halton Carers Centre for further details on 01928 580182.