With bonfire night coming up, we would like to remind residents about the problems of bins being stolen or set on fire.

Bins and rubbish that are set alight present a significant risk of injury or harm to individuals and damage to property.

This mainly takes place in the evening as bins are placed out the night before collection, or if bins are not being properly secured on householders’ properties.

To help reduce the risk of bin theft or fire:

  • Store all your waste inside your bin and keep it secure on your property.
  • If your collection is due on or around November 5th, ensure that none of your bins are left out overnight and that they are taken back to your property as soon as possible after collection has taken place.
  • Make arrangements for the removal of any waste or bulky items stored at your property

Please remember that if your wheeled bin is lost, stolen or set on fire there is a £28.50 replacement charge so please help stop the risk of fire or becoming a victim as a result of the behaviour of irresponsible individuals.