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With The Voice, ┬áThe X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and even an NHS choir having topped the charts, singing has never been so popular, and Halton Borough Council is calling on people to join classes at The Brindley.

Halton’s own version of Gareth Malone, Rob Littler, has run workshops at The Brindley on behalf of The Council for several years now. And his warm, friendly┬á‘Vocalise’ group is looking for ‘new blood’.

Vocalise for aged six to 16-years-old meeting at The Brindley on Saturdays in term time between 10am and noon.

Rob said: “The classes are for any young person who wants to learn, sing and perform. The atmosphere is friendly and fun. ┬áThe group takes the singers out into the community, to perform themselves and see other talent.

“It is not just an Arts Development Class, it is a community of people with performing arts in the heart

Anyone interested is invited to come along or email Rob a for more information.

For information on all the workshops and classes for young people and adults run by Halton Borough Council’s Arts Development at The Brindley, see