Ahead of Sunday’s demolition of four of Fiddler’s Ferry iconic cooling towers, Halton Council has some advice and information for local residents.

Demolition contractor PP O’Connor is carrying out the blowdown of the landmark on behalf of developer Peel NRE between 7am and midday on Sunday (3rd).

The Council has been advised by PP O’Connor that there should be no significant impacts on properties in the Halton area. However the movement of dust generated by the demolition process will dependent on wind speed and direction on the day.

The contractor has written to properties within a one-mile radius advising that doors and windows are kept closed on the morning of the demolition. The Council’s public health team is also advising residents who live close to the site, particularly those with chronic respiratory conditions, to remain indoors if a visible dust cloud is generated during the demolition. This should only be for a short duration.

PP O’Connor has set up a residents’ helpline. If residents have any concerns about dust accumulations on their property they should contact communityliaison@ppoconnor.co.uk or call their public enquiry line on 07596 869 491.

An exclusion zone has been created around the site with a number of road closures in place. There are no official viewing areas. Anyone who wishes to view the demolition is advised to do so via the live stream produced by the contractor. Follow the link P.P. ’Connor – Fiddlers Ferry Power Station – Sky Revolutions or scan the QR code