The Corrs may haven famously sung about being left ‘Breathless‘ but people are being urged to go the doctors to find out the cause of the condition.

From Thursday 18 May, the Be Clear on Cancer respiratory symptoms campaign will run across England with the aim of raising awareness that breathlessness could be a sign of lung or heart disease, or even cancer.

Those who get out of breath doing simple everyday activities, such as getting dressed, are encouraged to go to their GP as early diagnosis and treatment can improve the quality of life of those living with long-term conditions.

Many people in England suffer from breathlessness, but may not have seen their doctor. Instead, they might have developed coping mechanisms, such as taking short breaks, giving up hobbies or not leaving the house as often.

While it may well be nothing serious, the campaign highlights that if you are experiencing breathlessness doing things you used to be able to do, you should go to your doctor.

Halton Borough Council’s Director of Public Health at Halton Borough Council, Eileen O’Meara, said: ““Our heart and lungs are about the most important things in our body, but we take breathing for granted. Sometimes it’s easy to ignore some changes like shortness of breath, finding things more difficult that you always used to do, or an irritating cough that won’t go away

“But we shouldn’t ignore these early warning signs, they could be sign of lung or heart disease or even cancer. But, finding these early makes them more treatable, so please don’t ignore them, tell your doctor.”

Find out your Lung age!

In Halton, the Council’s Health Improvement Team will be holding events across Runcorn and Widnes to raise awareness of these symptoms and encouraging people to ‘Get checked’.

We will also be offering FREE lung age tests.

Our first event will be held at Widnes Market on Wednesday 24th May from 10am to 2.00pm. Tying in with Love your Local Market events, the team will be on hand to offer information and advice as well as lung age tests.

The test takes just a few seconds to measure your lung capacity and the levels of CO2 in your body. The results are will give you a good idea of how healthy you really are – you may be surprised!

Members of our team will also be there to offer lifestyle advice for anyone who wants to get fitter and healthier.

The campaign will run for 15 weeks with advertising running on TV, radio, posters, newspapers and magazines and online.

For further information search ‘Be Clear on Cancer’ or visit
PIC: Stop Smoking Advisor Anna Kaufmann and client Gary Wallem taking a lung age test at Widnes Market.