A woman who dumped furniture and other rubbish in an entry has been prosecuted and fined.

Megan Philips, 21 of Foster Street, Widnes, was prosecuted at Warrington Magistrates Court on 15 January following a report of bags of rubbish, a mattress, a bed base and a tumble dryer deposited in the entry behind her house in Foster Street in March 2019.

After an investigation by Halton Borough Council’s Waste and Environmental Improvement Enforcement Team Miss Philips was identified as the person responsible for depositing the waste.

After Miss Philips failed to attend interviews with the Council, or contact them, the case was referred to Warrington Magistrates Court and was listed under the Single Justice Procedure.  Miss Philips neither requested for an open hearing in the Courts nor did she submit a plea to the courts.  After taking into account the facts of the case Mrs Megan Philips was found guilty and received a financial penalty totalling £734.