Halton Borough Council has presented its annual Get Active awards to support people who represent community activity groups in Halton, which encourage people to be more active and lead healthier lifestyles.

John Timms, aged 76, of Runcorn, a Health Walks Leader ,was presented with Volunteer of the Year by the Mayor Cllr Ged Philbin. John leads walks to support other people improve their health and wellbeing.

Recently he has helped Murdishaw Health Centre put into practice a GP health walk referral scheme along with Paula Parle from Halton Borough Council. He happily spent time assessing suitable walk routes and now leads walks for patients taking time to sit and have a cuppa and chat with patients in the health centre.

As a volunteer he is dedicated to bringing pleasure to other people’s lives and improving their health and wellbeing.

William ‘Bill’ Littler, aged 68, of Widnes, from Zumba Gold class was presented with Participant of the Year. William had various health problems and went along albeit a far bit nervous to a Zumba Gold class.

Within a short space of time he lost weight, improved his health and encouraged his wife to join the class.

Attending every class he could, he made many friends, laughed a lot and grew in confidence. He lost more than three stone altogether and now helps out in the class with a cheeky grin, according to his fellow attendees.

Paula Paule said: “These two people have made a remarkable contribution and inspired others to keep on their exercise regimes.”

Pictures John and William.