Create your own piece of pixel art for Borough of Culture 2021 and be part of a major  community art exhibit.

Halton is  Borough of Culture for 2021, under the banner of Celebrate Halton, and as part of the Halton MakeFest project, Mako Create have designed the Pixel Art Wall, a bespoke, one of a kind, collaborative and community-based art exhibition.

This long-term/large-scale Pixel Art project will involve artwork from more than 1,000 local residents of Halton (and beyond) in a collaborative exhibition at the Culture HQ in Runcorn Shopping City.

The display itself is large, measuring in at 4 metres wide, but it will be almost entirely made up of over 1,000 tiny pieces of pixel art, measuring just 60mm x 60mm each.

Each tiny piece of Pixel Art will be designed by members of the public, so any aspiring artist from the local community will have their chance to be part of this large-scale art piece.

Using free online software the Mako Create team will guide you through the creative process. Can you create Pixel Art that says something about you? For more information visit:

Cllr Paul Nolan, Halton Borough Council’s portfolio holder for Culture and Leisure, says: “It’s great to see over a thousand residents from Halton and beyond participating in a truly collaborative piece of innovative and ingenious art work. A great addition to the Culture HQ gallery!”

Culture HQ is open every Thursday to Saturday 10am -2pm. Or visit

*If you want to get involved in Celebrate Halton year, you could apply for a Made In Halton grant to fund your cultural event in Halton this year. You can also upload your event to the Celebrate Halton website and make your activity part of the many community events that make up the exciting and varied programme.

For all the latest information and to purchase tickets for events visit:

 and join us to #celebratehalton

Liverpool City Region Combined Authority – Borough of Culture

Halton holds the 2021 Borough of Culture title, which is awarded annually by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority on a rotating basis to each of the six local authorities that make up the city region.

It’s part of the Combined Authority’s 1% for Culture programme where 1% of the Authority’s £30 million funding each year is set aside to support culture and creativity.

Liverpool City Region is the first Combined Authority to have control over culture in its devolution deal utilising many of the region’s existing assets and talent to stimulate cultural and creative opportunities.