There were spooky goings on at St John’s Church Hall, in Widnes, as local children enjoyed a Halton Borough Council supported Hallowe’en party – And the families had a ‘ghost’ of the time.

The International Family Club – Rainbow Umbrella (Teczowy Parasol) – meets once a month on Wednesday evenings, from 4 30pm to 6 30pm.

Families of different nationalities, most from Poland, also  from Turkey and Czech Republic as well, living in Halton meet up: the children play together or do arts and crafts with the Halton Borough Council Children’s Centre staff.

Rainbow Umbrella Leader Elżbieta Orlińska, said: “Parents have a chance to chat with each other, exchange information about what is going on in Halton, etc. It is a real support network as well as a social highlight.”

On Wednesday 18 October, they had a Fancy dress party celebrating Hallowe’en (pumpkin carving, arts & crafts activities and games including musical statues, and musical chairs).

Cllr Keith Morley, who has always supported the group, said: “I would encourage  anyone who like to join us,or know family that will be interested, please contact us by email or phone or come along to our meetings. It is a very welcoming group.”

The next meeting is Wednesday 22 November and the Christmas Party will be on 13th December 2017 – Mayor of Halton will be our special guest and Father Christmas will visit too. email:,,