The pop-up cycle lane at Greenoaks in Widnes has been removed.

Pop-up cycle lanes were brought in by the Government to offer travel choices as lockdown eased and schools restarted. These lanes were designed to be temporary in nature, low cost, and delivered quickly.  It is hoped that the increased popularity of cycling and walking will continue due to the many benefits such as maintaining social distancing, reducing congestion, reducing air pollution, improving health and wellbeing, and tackling climate change.

Locations for pop-up lanes were chosen following consultation and research into travel demands, bus service capacity, routes to school and work, and the need to join up existing cycle and walking paths.

The Council has kept the use of the pop-up lanes under close observation and review. The lanes must be safe and used effectively – where the lanes are not used as expected or safety concerns are expressed, the Council has revisited the schemes.

 “In the case of the Greenoaks scheme, this was was not being used effectively and therefore the Council decided to close it down. Alternative pop-up locations in the borough are being analysed to continue to support active travel.”