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Don’t worry if you see skeletons, headless horsemen, black cats and witches in Runcorn. it will be young people ‘creeping it real’ at Murdishaw Community Centre, or ‘Murder’shaw as it will be known for the evening!

There are ghoulish goings on as Halton Borough Council is hosting its annual family Hallowe’en Party on Wednesday 31 October. So let’s get this party ‘startled’.

The fun event takes place from 5pm to 7pm, with tickets now on sale at £1.50 for adults, so ‘mummies’ are welcome! And £3 per child. This includes sweets for the children, So they will be ‘goblin’!

There’ll be a disco, (Monster Mash, Ghostbusters or anything by Ghostface Killah anyone?) entertainment, games and prizes at this ghostly gathering and the Centre has been decorated accordingly to create a “spooky atmosphere”. So if you’ve got it, haunt it!

it’s a ticket only party ands there is there a limited number of tickets available.(Perhaps there is just a ‘skeleton staff’ on the day?!)

Murdishaw Community Centre
Barnfield Avenue, Runcorn.
Cheshire WA7 6JW
Tel: 0151 511 7910