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Halton Borough Council and partners sent a clear message that hate has no home in Halton after a lively mini-festival at Runcorn Shopping Centre last year, now plans are afoot to have another event. And we need your help.

Last year’s Member of Youth Parliament, Thomas Norris, and colleagues at Halton Youth Cabinet helped organise the event at where the crowds were entertained and hopefully educated.

The new MYP Ewan Jago says he wants the event to continue in 2017 – and be even better!

Halton Against Hate was an all singing, all dancing celebration of diversity, equality and all the good things that difference brings.

Halton Youth Cabinet is now keen to see Halton Against Hate become an annual event in the borough’s calendar and will soon be starting the planning for an even bigger spectacle in 2017. If you would like to be involved drop them a line on

Held in the Main Square of Runcorn Shopping Centre, the event saw performers joining forces with organisations from across the borough and beyond to deliver a strong message about equality and acceptance and to urge people to say no to hate and hate crime.

It saw performances from local musicians Beth Woods, Junior Davis and Gareth Heeson. There was also an energetic dance display from talented young dancers at SJ Pure Street Dance group, a moving dramatic piece from Ella Performance Group and a tub thumping display from Halton Day Care Service’s Samba Band.

Local Paralympian Jack Hunter Spivey and local business woman Laura Green gave inspirational talks about their experiences on the way to the top. The event was also attended by the Mayor of Halton, Cllr Ged Philbin.

A number of organisations from across Halton and beyond were on hand throughout the day to provide information, advice and support around issues relating to the themes of the day.

Organisations represented included Cheshire Police, Halton Speak Out, Scope, Halton Impart, Umbrella, Young Addaction, including its GLOW LGBT+ group, Halton Voluntary and Community Action and The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Halton’s new MYP, Ewan Jago, said: “Halton Against Hate is a campaign that has full support from myself as MYP as I believe it is vital to raise awareness about hate crimes and social cohesion.

“It comes in an age where the youth has access to many of forms of social mediain particular , hate should never be accepted anywhere and is certainly not condoned by anybody within Halton Youth Cabinet or the UKYP’

Halton Borough Council’s Executive Board Member for Children, Young People and Families, Cllr Tom McInerney, said: “It is commendable that young people want to organise such an event. It was a great success last year, let’s encourage the whole community to support it.”

For more information about Young Addaction Halton and the UK Youth Parliament in Halton, or to arrange an interview with any member of Halton Youth Cabinet, please contact Phil McClure on, tel: 01928 240406

Young Addaction organise UK Youth Parliament in Halton on behalf of Halton’s Children’s Trust and Halton Council as part of an on-going commitment to improve opportunities for all children and young people living in the borough

There will be a preliminary meeting to discuss this year’s Halton Against Hate at 4pm on Tuesday 18 April at Grangeway Youth Centre, Grangeway, Runcorn.