Halton Borough Council waved goodbye to one of its longest-serving employees after an incredible 46 years’ service.

Shelagh Thornhill will be much-missed by the many friends, colleagues and social care clients she has worked with over the years.  Her bosses describe her as a model and loyal employee who deserves recognition for her time served and her dedication to her role.

Shelagh started her working life in 1978 as a cook at Halton View. By all accounts the cooking took second place as Shelagh preferred talking to service users, which occasionally landed her in hot water. Typical of Shelagh always putting people first!

Shelagh then spent a short period in Great Four Acres residential hostel in Widnes before moving to Bredon, a residential home for adults with a learning disability, in 1994.

Shelagh’s hands-on approach and commitment to her role enabled residents to have a good quality of life at home in Bredon and in the local community. Shelagh has formed lifelong relationships with the former residents at Bredon – no doubt seeing Shelagh reminds them of a happy time in their lives, given her bubbly personality.

In 2007 Shelagh joined the groundbreaking, newly-formed Bridge Building team. Her skills, knowledge and experience in supporting vulnerable people were brought to the forefront. Shelagh worked tirelessly to signpost and support people to access events and activities in their communities, placing them at the very heart of it. Shelagh was to eventually manage the Bridge Building team and her knowledge of community resources could easily rival Google Search!

Colleague Eileen Clarke says: “Shelagh will be truly missed. She is all the things you would want in a social care employee: Kind, caring, empathetic and understanding, topped with a wonderful sense of humour. We wish Shelagh all the best for the next chapter in her life – a rest truly earned.”