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Shiver me timbers! All hands ahoy!

Have yer a land-lubbing youngster or a budding salty seadog? P’raps yer a budding swashbuckler or learnin’ yer scallywags some seafaring lingo. Yer savvy?

If thee be not too lily-livered, get thee down to one of our libraries to feast their beady eyes on a booty of pirate books to celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day on Thursday 19 September.

A treasure trove of pirate books and wordy bounty in our libraries awaits and no need to hornswaggle, including:

Polly Parrot Picks a Pirate
The Skeleton Pirate
My Granny is a Pirate
Pirate Underpants
Munch, Crunch, Pirate Lunch
Pirate Pete and his Smelly Feet

Come today (in costume or without) and aaaaaaaaagh- sk to see them! No plank walking will be needed to get her β€˜ands on these gleamin treats of the seas!

The Ryhme Time at Haton Lea Library on the day itself with be nautically themed,

The Metro newspaper printed a guide to ‘How to speak pirate’, or as the pirates would say ‘how t’ speak gentleman o’ fortune’. Why not have a go?

Blow me down – A phrase of amazement or shock
Avast ye – Look at this
Heave Ho – Put your back into to it
Pillage – Rob or plunder
Savvy? – Do you understand or do you agree?
Thar she blows! – When you see a whale

In the mean time weigh anchor and splice the mizzen and have fun with this pirate-name generator.