Runcorn school is committed to taking the school out of special measures and the latest OFSTED shows it going in the right direction.

The letter to head, James Forber, confirms that St Chad’s Catholic and Church of England High School, is ‘taking effective action for the removal of special measures’ which were introduced in 2019.

Halton Borough Council’s Executive Board Member for Children ands Families, Cllr Tom McInerney said: “It praised the school for working with The Council to solve issues, despite the pressures of Covid.

“Important changes to the staffing structure and the curriculum have been made, including a new head.”

The Inspector said that: “Throughout this time they have ensured that the school has benefited from stable and effective interim leadership.

“In addition, they have made sure that the new substantive
headteacher has a thorough understanding of the scale and depth of the school.

“Leaders have begun to strengthen subject leadership Increasingly they are working closely with subject leaders to model effective leadership .

“This has helped subject leaders to review and improve subject plans. These plans are clear about the subject content that
should be taught.”

The report says leadership of SEND has been strengthened. Leaders have significantly improved the identification of these pupils needs.

The attendance of pupils since April 2021 is showing some early signs of improvement.

Leaders have very recently introduced new approaches to
reduce the number of pupils who are late to school .

“In a short space of time, almost half of the pupils who were
usually late now arrive at school on time.” it said.

“Leaders have introduced new expectations about pupils behaviour. They are making effective use of better systems to track concerns about pupils conduct in lessons.”

Head James said: “This is a very positive result for the school. We are very pleased that the hard work undertaken by all in the school community has been recognised: The systems in place, the reflective and driven nature of staff and the IEB, the commitment of the pupils and the rate at which the school is making progress.

“The process was very detailed and rigorous and I am very pleased that this is acknowledged in the letter.

“I would like to thank all those who took part in the inspection, including staff; members of the IEB; parents and pupils alike.

The letter itself is very detailed and highlights many of the key improvements made in a short space of time, during difficult circumstances ,as well as the next steps needed to take the school forward.

Mr Forber said what was satisfying for staff and parents is that the actions taken have been done in the right order and at the right time.

He believes the letter represents a school that is now showing rapid improvement, and that aims to further improve with the children always at the heart of its work.

Parent Helen Kelly, said: “Our children have always been so well cared for at St Chads and as a result they have flourished, and are flourishing. Although we have always been happy with the school, we are now excited for the future.”