The number one tribute to the supergroup Oasis are Definitely Mightbe is coming to the Halton Stadium, Widnes, on Friday 5 October.

Expect the rousing anthems, stage presence and atmosphere plus all the hits from all seven albums, live favourites, B-sides and a couple of Noel’s acoustic numbers.

Lead singer Ian bears an uncanny resemblance to Liam and has worked as a look-a-like in the UK appearing on BBC1, Channel 4, Sky TV and ITV, publicity campaigns and advertising for HMV, Virgin, Q Magazine, Loaded magazine and he was also asked to star in a video for heavy metal legends Motorhead.

Paul Mitchell takes up the reigns as Noel and mimics the riffs and lead breaks with such precision you’d think you were listening to the real thing.

Are this band as good as the real thing? Well they Definitely Mightbe.

This is the latest of a string of great rock concerts at the Halton Stadium which is now establishing itself as a major north west venue. So don’t miss out, tickets are £10 in advance from the Halton Stadium, call 0151 510 6000 or

Tickets will be available £12 on the door but this concert is expected to be a sell-out, so book in advance now.