From this Friday (28 August), motorists using the A558 Bridgewater Expressway will be able to drive through a newly constructed five-arm roundabout that is the centre piece of the Runcorn Station Quarter road improvements.

Bridgewater Expressway has been closed to traffic for 18 months as work has been underway to completely transform the area around Runcorn Station.

The reopening will mean drivers will now travel down the Expressway and have access to both Runcorn Town Centre and Greenway Road via the new roundabout.

Construction work has progressed well despite restrictions to working arrangements necessary in order to keep workers safe on site during the pandemic. Regular visitors to the area around Runcorn Station Quarter will have seen the dramatic transformation as the roundabout has been constructed and huge swathes of concrete road have been demolished to make way for the Runcorn Station Quarter redevelopment.

Talking about the progress Cllr Stan Hill said: “Reopening this major piece of our road network marks significant progress in our ambitions to improve connectivity and create an impressive new gateway to our borough from Runcorn Station. You can already see the staggering difference demolition has made, completely opening up the view from the station across to the town centre. We have a really exciting vision for Runcorn Station Quarter and this reopening enables us to move one step closer to achieving it.”

“I’d like to thank all of the motorists whose journeys have been disrupted by this closure for their patience.”

The new five-arm roundabout will ultimately create better connections between the Silver Jubilee Bridge, Runcorn Town Centre and Runcorn Station.

The Silver Jubilee Bridge will remain closed for now, but it is anticipated that it will be opening to vehicles in Autumn this year. Cyclists and pedestrians can already cross the bridge using the footpath.