Since September, more than 50 former techophobes have opened up a new digital world by learning how to use a computer with Halton Borough Council’s Adult Learning service  that could be you in 2017.

Residents are now able to bank online, shop online and even renew their library books!

Jo Myler, from Halton Borough Council’s Adult Learning said “learners have enjoyed fun and informative courses and made new friends in the process, many have said how they have enjoyed excellent tuition and friendly class mates.  Some learners have also gained ICT qualifications to show for their course work”.

If you would like to ‘go digital’ in 2017, the Adult Learning Team is holding two  enrolment days on Tuesday 13 December at Acorn learning Centre and Wednesday 14 December at Kingsway Learning Centre .

Alternatively, call 0151 511 7788 or log on to k for more information about computer courses or any of the Adult Learning courses available in January, or find us on Facebook.