Halton Borough Council is working with Cunard Construction to replace the roof at Widnes Market as part of the Council’s Capital Works programme. But rest assured, the market will stay open throughout the proposed five-month work programme.

The market hall was constructed in 1995, the roof is now coming to the end of its useful life and is in need of significant maintenance and refurbishment works. The Council has taken the decision to invest in the future of Widnes Market and to carry out the re-roofing works as part of the Widnes Market Capital Improvement Programme spending.

Cunard Construction won the £960,000 contract and have started work with the erection of scaffolding to allow access and preparatory work to begin.

Cllr Ron Hignett, Executive Board Member for the physical environment, said: “Widnes Market has a long tradition of serving the local and sub regional customers and while the works being carried out to improve the market hall, this tradition of quality service and good value will continue.

“The Council has already been working to improve the market hall with the recent introduction of low energy lighting. The new roof will complete another programme of spending to ensure the market’s energy and running costs are kept as low as possible, and to help reduce the Council’s carbon footprint.”