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John Steinbeck classic, ‘Of Mice and Men’ is the latest offering at The Brindley, from a very professional, amateur theatre group.

VML is unique as a registered charity because all the profits from the shows, without exception come back to the community in FREE wellbeing and Friends afternoons weekly, Toddler Groups and Free workshops for children in all of the school half term holidays..

Rob Littler, Group leader and founder of VML is proud of the ‘Friends’s sessions’ in the borough for isolated people.

He said: “There are ‘drop ins’ at Reflections on Victoria Road in Widnes (formerly Kelly’s Bar) on Friday Mornings from 10am until 1pm with a free luncheon provided and the same at St Michael’s Church Hall on Greenway Road in Runcorn on Thursdays 12.30pm until 3pm (starting with the lunch).

“It is a joy to use theatre for wellbeing and community so that not only the performers get something from what we do but the entire community can benefit.

”Of Mice and Men’ is the latest in a list of well known classics brought to life at the Brindley by VML – last year alone we produced ‘The Rise and Fall of Little Voice’, ‘The Crucible’ and ‘Vagina Monolgues’ for a second successful run.

“This on top of musical showcases using local teenage musicians to give them much valued experience in theatre and performance. There is something for everyone in Halton at VML and the team growing behind me are is asΒ dedicated as I am.”

Tickets for Of Mice and Men are on sale at the Brindley Box Office on 0151-907-8360 or online at The show is at The Brindley Saturday 21 to Saturday 23 February for four performances.