Silver Jubilee Bridge 🗓

Silver Jubilee Bridge 🗓
Scheduled Alerts

Temporary closures of the footpath crossing the Silver Jubilee Bridge have ended, meaning pedestrians and cyclists can cross the bridge at any time.

With the footpath now fully open, the shuttle bus is no longer in operation.

Thank you for your patience.


Cyclists & pedestrians are reminded that they are prohibited from the Mersey Gateway Bridge:
The River Mersey (Mersey Gateway Bridge) Order 2011 prohibits pedestrians and cyclists from using the Mersey Gateway bridge on safety grounds as it is a major 60mph six-lane route, and byelaws regulating the use and operation of the new crossing have been passed to this effect. The Silver Jubilee Bridge provides a much shorter and direct route between the two town centres and will be modified for this local use with designated cycle and pedestrian routes. We are making it clear across the media and our extensive communications channels that cyclists and pedestrians are prohibited from the new Mersey Gateway Bridge and we will continue to relay this message. Any cyclist or pedestrian found using the Mersey Gateway bridge will be in contravention of the byelaws and become liable for prosecution. We want everybody to enjoy the magnificent new bridge safely and urge all users to please pay close attention to the new road signs and layout, follow the speed limits and drive safely.