Halton Council parks staff and Hough Green ward councillors  have planted trees in an area of Prescot Road Playing Fields in Widnes.

In total, 45 trees were planted including Beech, Hornbeam and Oak. These species can grow to a height of 20-40 metres and will slowly reach maturity whilst providing habitats for woodland bird species.

Trees and woods are crucial – they give homes to wildlife, clean air and water, provide food and fuel, but they’re under threat. 60 million trees have already been taken by Dutch elm disease and 126 million trees in British woods are at risk of ash dieback. There are 19 pests and diseases attacking our native trees, six of which have reached epidemic levels and at least 11 more diseases are nearing our borders.

For this planting, the Council used a Targeting Tree Disease pack – these packs are part-funded by the Woodland Trust to help restore existing woodland or hedgerows and regenerate countryside that is threatened by disease.

All trees are UK sourced and grown to minimise the risk of importing and spreading tree pests and diseases. Seeds are collected and stored in the UK.

Cllr Phil Harris commented: ”All three Hough Green councillors have pledged to protect and improve local green spaces whenever they can and welcome the new planting. We also appreciate the hard working Council staff who advise, source and plant the trees we are keen to see in the community.

 ”Our next planting scheme will be in partnership with the Royal British Legion to create a landscape feature for remembrance using poppy seeds brought back from France.”