A new Charging Order came into effect on the 19th April 2018 and now regulates tolling on Mersey Gateway.

It is important bridge users continue to pay toll charges to avoid the risk of getting a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

In a recent decision in respect of 5 Appeals the Adjudicator decided that Mersey Gateway tolls are potentially compromised by a procedural impropriety.

This determination relates to the 2017 Road User Charging Scheme Order that applied between 14th October and 19th April. This Order has now been superseded.

The Council is taking further legal advice on the recent decision by the Adjudicator and is not in a position to agree refunds at present.

The Council will issue a statement on tolls and fines issued to date when it has had an opportunity to properly consider this advice.

Until that time the Council is unable to progress any matters in relation to the repayment of Tolls.

The Council will record all correspondence received but at this stage, and once an initial acknowledgement has been provided it will not be in a position to respond further to correspondence or requests to escalate matters.