Halton residents are being asked for their views on a new cycle route planned between Runcorn and Sci-Tech Daresbury.

The new route will be safe and segregated from cars/other road traffic and part of a long-term plan to encourage more people to take journeys by bike. 

It will connect  Runcorn and its rail station to the key employment hub of Sci-Tech Daresbury and will be one of the first cycleways of a planned network of more than 600km of new and upgraded walking and cycling routes across the Liverpool City Region.

The plans have been informed by comments and reaction received during an earlier stage of consultation conducted in Summer 2020.

The second phase of engagement on these plans is open until Sunday 4 April and local residents, road users and cyclists are encouraged to view the route maps online and to provide feedback ahead of this date.

Plans and more information are available at: https://consultprojectcentre.co.uk/cyclehalton?tool=survey_tool&tool_id=consultation-questionnaire#tool_tab 

A Halton Borough Council spokesperson says: “We want to encourage more people to ditch the car for short journeys we need to make cycling a really attractive option by building safe, separated routes where people can ride their bikes with confidence. That’s why routes like the one being planned between Runcorn and Daresbury are so important.

“We know that across our city region support for new, safer cycle lanes is really high – about 70 per cent of people want to see this infrastructure be built – but it’s vital to get feedback from residents, road users and cyclists about specific routes, and that’s why we’re asking people to take a look at the plans and let us know what they think.”

Simon O’Brien, Walking and Cycling Commissioner for the Liverpool City Region said: “Cycling is great for air quality and the environment, and miraculous for our physical and mental health and wellbeing.

“But we shouldn’t just think of cycling as exercise – it’s also a cheap and easy way to commute to work, travel to school or college and even pop to the local shops. New routes like the one being planned will make taking these kinds of journeys by bike easier and safer.”

Spring into Spring

Liverpool City Region has just launched its spring active travel campaign – visit their website to learn more: The three big reasons to ditch the car in favour of walking and cycling for short journeys | Liverpool City Region Combined Authority – News (liverpoolcityregion-ca.gov.uk)