Looking for exciting things to do this February Half-Term?

Halton has you covered, with our list of 50 Quirky Things to explore, you’ve got something new to try every day this half term! ✅

From discovering a dinosaur’s footprint, escaping to an Island to Meet a Fairy and a Hog, or experiencing the thrill of virtual reality – you won’t find these experiences anywhere else!

Here are our top seven things to do this Half-Term⬇️:

  1. Immerse yourself in the magic that inspired ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ at the Lewis Carroll Centre ✨


  1. Pat and sit on the famous pig statues at Norton Priory Museum & Gardens


  1. Discover a dino-print in Runcorn Hill Park, which was formed in sandstone during the Triassic period 200 million years ago. Then head to Esposito’s for a delicious hot chocolate


  1. Explore the magical statues at Wigg Island Nature Reserve and enjoy the trail of whimsical figures with views of the Mersey Estuary‍♀️


  1. Hop aboard and go full-steam on a miniature locomotive at Runcorn’s Miniature Railway


  1. Spark your curiosity and hands-on in a science lab at Catalyst Science Discovery Centre


  1. Ride on a virtual reality rollercoaster and experience another world at VR Warehouse Ltd.


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