The Council has confirmed that it WILL be removing the netting within the Silver Jubilee Bridge complex.

We would like to reassure those who have raised their concerns, that in 2020, we have seen just one live pigeon trapped within the SJB netting.

This bird was freed after we were alerted to the issue by Cheshire Fire &Rescue, who had themselves been contacted by the RSPCA.

In this case, the pigeon had managed to get into a confined space within the netting, that exists beneath a drainage pipe that is fixed to the face of a bridge support structure.

We have seen no evidence to back claims made that the exclusion netting has caused the death of numerous pigeons on the Silver Jubilee Bridge.

Removing the net is in itself a complex task. However, before it is removed we will need to look at ways to manage the consequential health risks for the workers involved in inspection and maintenance activities, and the public.

In addition, we will need to examine ways to protect the steelwork from the harmful effects of pigeon droppings.

The timing for this work will need to take account of current construction works on site required for re-opening SJB, working restrictions imposed by Covid-19 and issues such as avoiding undue disruption to the birds at the height of their nesting activity.