As part of Carers Week (June 10-16), Halton Borough Council has announced that its flagship arts venue, The Brindley Theatre, will trial an assisted places concession scheme from this autumn for a 12 month period. 

For a variety of reasons many people require a carer to assist them with their day to day needs. This can include social activities such as attending theatre shows. At present a person in this situation, who needs a carer to be present whilst they attend a show, has to pay the full price of a ticket for that carer. That means an individual paying for two tickets just so that they can attend.

 While the Brindley Theatre is smaller than other neighbouring theatres and less space vacant for many performances,  it  will be launching an Assisted Visits Concession as part of a 12-month trial.

The trial will be used to evaluate the feasibility of implementing a concession scheme on a permanent basis.

 The scheme will begin on 1 August 2019. Up to four free seats will be available at each show for use by the carers of individuals who need assistance in order to attend. 

 The final details as to how this concession scheme will work are currently being worked up and will be publicised in future weeks. 

 Cllr Phil Harris, the Council’s portfolio holder for Arts and The Brindley said: ‘’ Despite the continued austerity imposed on our area it is important we try to continue to improve inclusion for our more vulnerable citizens.

“There is a cost to this, but this pilot scheme  will be done within this year’s existing budget and as a pilot will allow us to consider the best way forward in the longer term.’’