It’s business as usual at the Mersey Gateway

Halton Borough Council has been made aware of the Traffic Penalty Tribunal adjudicator’s decision in the recent appeal of Mr Curzon. Although this is currently being reviewed the Council would wish to reiterate that: 

  • Adjudication by the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TPT) cannot and does not, in law, invalidate or remove the powers in place from the 14 October 2017 to administer and enforce tolls on the Mersey Gateway Bridge.

  • Adjudication is specific to the case being considered, and any decision of an Adjudicator only relates to that particular case.
  •  A decision of TPT does not have general effect nor carry any weight as precedent.  
  •  Any suggestion that the Council has no power to charge or enforce how it does this or that the Council’s is acting inappropriately or “illegally” is misleading, inaccurate and wrong in law.
  • The Adjudicator’s decision in respect of signage contradicts the decision of the Adjudicator in the an early case where the Adjudicator concluded signage is “large, well sited, in clear view, and to communicate to a driver unfamiliar with the area that a payment was required and how to pay.”

 It’s business as usual at the Mersey Gateway – please continue to pay to use Mersey Gateway.

Over 96% of our users are paying for their crossings on time experiencing quicker, easier and more reliable journeys across the river. You can pay online at, over the telephone on 01928 878 878 or in person at the Runcorn walk-in centre and at Payzone outlets.