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Proper Job Theatre Company embarks on its final venture in its Monster Trilogy when the play Dorian, comes to the Brindley Theatre, Runcorn on Friday 18 October.

Dorian is an inspired contemporary re-telling of Oscar Wilde’s classic A Picture of Dorian Gray.

Andrew McMillan has taken the themes of image obsession and our desire to capture beauty, first explored by Wilde and placed them in the context of a modern gym.

He uses this to discuss the very current topic of body dysmorphia in men. The manipulation of our own image, the black mirror in the palm of our hands is the portal to edit what we are. What will be sacrifice to achieve beauty?

An examination of identity, body dysmorphia and echo chamber of social media, the play follows five strangers caught up by their own reflections.

Obsessed and troubled by images, questing for recognition, their lives begin to overlap. The story of people who cannot find themselves and people who don’t like what they find, men and women who fear they’ve lost their identity, subtle as the child stolen by fairies in the original changeling tale.

The black mirror is gradually getting darker and darker. We are all a modern day Narcissus reaching into our own pool, but our pools are in our pocket, one click away.

For tickets and information: or contact the Brindley box office on 0151 907 8360.