A lamp, bought online from a Runcorn business by Halton Borough Council’s Trading Standards, was found to be unsafe and a visit to the business premises revealed a stock of 10,000 lamp fittings of the same design and manufacture.

The fittings did not have a way of anchoring the mains supply cord in the base, which means that the cord could be pulled free from the lamp fitting, presenting a risk of electric shock.

The 10,000  lamp fittings, weighing almost 1.3 tonnes in total, were destroyed and recycled with the assistance of Create UK (a charity and social enterprise that was set up in 1995 to recycle and repair goods for homes across Merseyside) and Recycling Lives who support and sustain charity programmes for offender rehabilitation and supporting the homeless.

The lamp fittings were shredded, the valuable copper and metals removed and the plastic recycled. Any monetary value of the scrap metals will go to help support Create UK’s work.

A video showing the destruction is available here