PHOTO: L/R Gavin Rooney, Matt Browne, Kadie Molyneux and Karen Wood from Halton Borough Council’s new Social Work Academy.

As the field of social work continues to grow and evolve, it is crucial for professionals to access support and development resources.

That’s why the launch of Halton Borough Council’s Social Work Academy is a game-changer for social workers embarking on their first year of study, and also established practitioners at key stages of their career.

Led by a Service Manager, the Social Work Academy is made up of two Principal Managers, a Practice Manager and Business Support. The aim of the academy is to develop a sustainable, highly skilled workforce for children and families in Halton.

The Social Work Academy is designed with social workers in mind and offers a wide range of learning resources and support to prepare them for the world of work. It also provides experienced social workers with opportunities to develop in other areas of practice and progress in their career.

Newly qualified social workers in their Assessed and Supported Year of Employment (ASYE) will benefit from a whole host of training, development and support including a reduced workload, coaching and mentoring, specialist training and opportunities to find a specialised area or interest.

To find out more about Halton’s brand new Social Work Academy and how you can get involved, please visit and you can get in touch: 0151 511 6798 /