As part of the Halton 50 celebration events, the Mayor and Consort of Halton, Cllrs Val and Stan Hill, in collaboration with Halton Library Service, visited with some of the borough’s older residents by sharing the 50 years of Halton’s stories.

Recognising the importance of supporting individuals with dementia, Halton Libraries have long provided an array of memory boxes as part of their reminiscence support services. These meticulously curated boxes act as conduits for precious memories, sparking conversations and fostering connections. Each box and bag, individually themed, contains a treasure trove of local photographs, captivating books, and sensory objects selected to evoke nostalgic recollections.

In honour of Halton’s 50th anniversary milestone, the Libraries created a special commemorative 50th-themed box and bag, brimming with curated objects, local historical images, and captivating books that traverse the borough’s history over the past five decades.

To mark the actual day of Halton’s 50th anniversary on April 1st, 1974, the Mayor of Halton personally visited five local care homes over two days to deliver a celebration cake to make the occasion. After these visits libraries will then deliver the Halton 50 theme reminiscence box and bag to a different care home each month, visiting all 5 by the end of the year.

During these visits, the Mayor spent time with the residents, sharing stories of Halton’s history, and offering slices of celebratory cakes. Additionally, the Mayor expressed gratitude to the care home staff for their tireless dedication to the well-being of Halton residents.

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The memory box services are a well establish offer from Halton Libraries and for those interested in learning more, further information can be found at: