Welcome to Halton’s Mayor and Mayoress of Halton for 2024-25 , Cllr Kevan Wainwright and Mrs Andrea Wainwright.
Cllr Kevan Wainwright was born in Widnes and lives in the area,. He was first elected to represent the Hough Green Ward in 1998. He is a keen rugby fan of both codes and a lifelong supporter and season ticket holder of Everton FC.
The Mayoress, Andrea, is an accomplished motivational speaker, trainer and author around sensitive subjects such as menopause, mental health and suicide prevention.
The couple have a daughter, Hayley, two sons, Tom and Jared and three grandchildren.
They are both animal lovers, passionate about animal rights, and have and a huge rescue lurcher, Asbo.
Andrea has been involved in dog rescue for almost 20 years, setting up her own charity and helping to rehome more than 1,000 dogs.
The Mayor and Mayoress are keen to get out in the local community and meet with everyone during their year in office, with fundraising being a priority focus for them.
This year they will be raising funds to help young people in Halton realise their vocational and academic potential, through offering opportunities for bursaries to help those who may need a helping hand into higher education or vocational apprenticeships. They maybe care leavers or from financially challenged families, they might have disabilities or learning needs – anything that presents a possible hurdle to them continuing on their learning journey to achieve their full potential.
All funds raised will be allocated through the Halton Foundation with the Mayor and Mayoress fully involved with the application process and allocation, ensuring the funds reach those in our borough who need it most.
With the help of the local community, groups and businesses they are hoping everyone will get behind them this year with promoting their charity, and help them to raise as much as possible.
To find out more about the Mayor of Halton, or if you would like to support them in anyway, they would love to hear from you. They’re excited and looking forward to meeting many of you throughout the year ahead.