Halton Borough Council has confirmed payments of grants to local businesses of more than £20 million up to and including the latest round of payment schemes issued by central Government and Liverpool City Region.

The grant payments have all been made within the set time limits enabling businesses to continue to operate or stay closed as government regulations state.

Businesses helped include hospitality and leisure, licensed taxi owners, self-employed people, local firms and shops.

The payments have been made over specific periods to ensure that as many businesses affected by the pandemic can still stay open or re-open once restrictions and regulations are lifted.

Payments in some cases have been restricted by regulation or limits on the total amount of grant available, however, some businesses have been able to apply for more than one type of grant payment to ensure the future of their business operation.

Examples of payments include 30 wet-led pubs (those who cannot operate by selling volumes of food over 50%) and 395 licensed Halton Taxi Drivers. Payments have also been made to nearly 250 other specific businesses who have been affected by the new lockdown restrictions put in place for January.

Under the current schemes for the lockdown which started in January businesses are eligible for the following:

  • Rateable value of £15,000 or under – £667 per fortnight plus an addition lump sum payment of £4,000 
  • Rateable value of £15,001 – £50,999 – £1,000 per fortnight plus an additional lump sum of £6,000
  • Rateable value of £51,000 and above – £1500 per fortnight plus an additional lump sum of £9,000.

There are additional grant payments that some businesses and sectors who are eligible on a limited basis.

 The Council’s Executive Board Member for Economic Development, Cllr Eddie Jones, said: “We have been very busy ensuring that payments have been made to eligible businesses as soon as we can. We understand the financial pressures on firms and self-employed people and we have tried to make sure that as many people are aware of the help available as possible.”

He continued: “By using the grants from central Government and Liverpool City Region we hope that we have been able to support businesses to ensure their successful operation or return after the current restrictions are lifted. This not only includes large firms, it also includes the high street and self-employed people who in some cases were missed during the first phase of payments due to the rules governing who was eligible.

“Be assured that as a Council we are doing everything we can to protect our local economy by trying to safeguard businesses and jobs right through to the end of this terrible pandemic.

“Please try to stay safe.”

Further schemes and grants are available with some ending soon and new grants will be coming on line in the coming weeks. If you need help, please contact business@halton.gov.uk or to look at the schemes available now and in the future https://hbcnewsroom.co.uk/coronaadvice/#business