As a number of motorists have contacted the Council asking for clarification on the speed limit on the Silver Jubilee Bridge, the Council confirms that it is 30mph and can explain the reason for this.

Like most roads in urban areas, the Silver Jubilee Bridge is classified as a ‘restricted road’, in that it has street lighting provided by lamps not more than 200 yards apart. Under the Department for Transport’s Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (2016), local authorities are not allowed to erect 30 mph repeater signs on any restricted roads.

The general rule is that motorists are supposed to be aware that they are in a 30 mph area because there are street lamps in operation and the area is built-up. The use of 30mph signs is only permitted at the start/end of speed limits.

Entering the Silver Jubilee Bridge from the Runcorn side there are 30mph entry signs at the A557 Bridgewater Expressway roundabout.

In Widnes, the start of the 30mph restriction is signed at Ditton Road, Moor Lane and Desoto Road. There are no 30mph signs on the entry slip road from Waterloo Road, as Waterloo Road is itself a restricted road, with an existing 30mph speed limit.

Given that the bridge was originally a 40mph road, it is understandable that some motorists may be unaware of the new speed limit, but Halton Borough Council is obliged to erect signage that complies with all Government guidance and legal requirements. We would ask all drivers to comply with the speed limit and be respectful to others using the bridge.