In a case brought by Halton Borough Council Trading Standards a Widnes man was prosecuted after being found to be storing fireworks in an unsafe manner.

Luke Moores, from Irwell Street, Widnes, was found guilty at Warrington Magistrates Court on 9 April 2021, of three offences under the Explosive Regulations and the Health and Safety at Work Act relating to firework storage.

The Court heard how a joint visit by Halton Trading Standards and Police Officers was carried out on 9th October 2019 to a property on Irwell Street in Widnes.

Fireworks within the front room of the terraced house were seized because they were being stored in an unsafe manner.

Moores was found guilty of failing to take appropriate measures to prevent a fire, an explosion and to protect people.

He was also found guilty of failing to take appropriate security precautions when storing the fireworks which therefore increased the risk of unauthorised persons having access to the fireworks.

Furthermore, Moores was found guilty of storing the fireworks without an explosive licence.

Moores was sentenced to an electronically monitored curfew for twelve weeks from 8pm until 8am. He was ordered to pay £4932.50 costs to the Council and victim surcharge of £85.