A Halton high school has restructured its leadership, and is planning new outdoor lessons, wellbeing working with the local community and D of E opportunities, as it moves forward under a new Headteacher.

This increased focus for the school on its’ commitment to mental health and wellbeing is aimed at helping all the pupils at St Chad’s Catholic and Church of England High School.

The new team, under Warrington born James Forber, spent the half term in implementing new structures at senior and middle leader levels to re-vamp the Runcorn school.

As an experienced senior leader in school improvement in his last two posts and having previously worked in a large ‘outstanding’ comprehensive school, James has been spearheading the new team from January this year.

James said: “Here at St Chad’s we are a fully inclusive, faith centred, welcoming Christian community.

“As a small school we work together in order to nurture, value, and support all members of our school family. This gives us a distinct advantage of knowing every single child and parent on a personal basis. We are hoping to build a structure for a school ready to face the future.”

Our aims include: To support and reassure all Year 6 students and parents about their transition to St Chad’s and to prepare them for life at secondary school, providing them with all the information they need throughout the transition process.

An exciting new curriculum is planned for September 2021 including D of E built directly into our curriculum. D of E will provide students with opportunities to get back outdoors as the benefits of being outdoors in green spaces and observing nature are well known to positively impact on wellbeing.

James said: “We will be working closely with the local community completing volunteer projects which will allow our young people to re-establish important links post lock down giving back to the local area”

A Halton Borough Council’s Spokesman said: “The school has a bright future.

“I am impressed by the emphasis on mental health, so important, especially under the Covid lockdown, and note the new regime has already introduced a wellbeing hour each week.”